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Dual Beam High Intensity Multi-Purpose LED Worklight

High intensity LED heavy-duty worklight. features a sealed, water-resistant (rate IP67), PC* lens, aluminum alloy housing with a 1ft heavy-duty cord. Dual Beam, three wires to function each beam on individual or together. Operating Voltage: 12V-24V DC (10-30Volts) Operating Temperature-40C°- 85C°. Beam Type: Can be used as a spot beam 30° or a flood beam 60°, or a combination of the two.

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Order Numbers

W1204500: L: 4”, Beam: Spot & Flood, Watts: 36W, Lumen Output: 1500X2 (3,000)

W2406500: L: 6.5”, Beam: Spot & Flood, Watts: 72W, Lumen Output: 3000X2 (6,000)

W3609500: L: 9”, Beam: Spot & Flood, Watts: 108W, Lumen Output: 4500X2 (9,000)

W4812500: L: 12”, Beam: Spot & Flood, Watts: 144W, Lumen Output: 6000X2 (12,000)

W7217500: L: 17”, Beam: Spot & Flood, Watts: 216W, Lumen Output: 9000X2 (18,000)