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Anti-Snow LED SNOWPLOW replacement headlight

Special patented design snow melt and anti-ice system work light for snowplow and other working truck operating under cold weather condition. Electrical power unique heated lens melt now and ice during the operation.


Sealed PC lens, aluminum base, water resistant IP 66, Standard mount bracket.

Operating voltage: 12V-24VDC

Operating temperature: -40C°- 85C°

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Product Details

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W1006510: DOT SAE standard compliant 6” snow melt and anti-ice system snowplow headlight with high & low beam, turn signal, position light. Over/under voltage protection design, 127 Watts consumption. Total 10160 lumen output. Color temperature 5500K white. Built in Deutsch square multi pin connector. Package as pair per set. ECE R112 R10 R87 R6 DOT FMSS 571-108 approved.